The Wait.

I understand that I’ve been approved for only a bit over three months, but I’ve been waiting for years. You don’t wake up one day and decide to adopt. At least, I didn’t. I thought about my life and what I wanted and needed from it, how I could and would parent, foster care vs. … More The Wait.

Hurricane Harvey

Devastation. Harvey flooded Southeast Texas and many people no longer have homes, businesses, or belongings. It was extremely stressful, nervewracking, and depressing to watch the ongoing rains and heavy winds and not be able to do anything. I have no words. Please pray, give, and be compassionate.

Profile Book

I finalized my profile book based on informative feedback from the adoption agency. I needed to finalize the profile book because I was not chosen by the birth mom at the hospital. Part of me is upset (what’s wrong with me?), while another part of me is relieved because now I have time to finish … More Profile Book

A Call

Today is my sister’s birthday and also the day I received a phone call from my agency to share my profile book with a birth mother that has given birth at a local hospital. Initially, I missed the agency’s call because I was in a meeting and did not recognize the number (I will now … More A Call


We did it! The home study was approved! I am now officially a prospective adoptive parent waiting to be matched with a birth family. I feel extremely blessed to have a professional give me a stamp of approval for me to parent a child. How amazing and humbling.

Another Visit

It took a bit of wrangling to schedule the second home study visit with all family members, but we did it and it went well. The social worker was enamored with my dad and niece, and felt the solid support and love from my sister. She seemed to really enjoy the family. I’m proud of … More Another Visit

Home Study

The first of two home study visits occurred yesterday. I was more relaxed than I imagined I would be and enjoyed talking with the social worker. She was thorough in learning about me and my family, but seemed genuinely interested and warm. I thought I was prepared for the questions, but a few about my … More Home Study

Closing Day

When I pictured closing day, I visualized myself and the mortgage counselor signing papers, smiling for pictures, and celebrating with champagne the night of the signing. Well, I waved at my mortage counselor through a conference room window, signed paperwork with someone I never met, waited and waited and waited for the funds to post … More Closing Day


What’s happening now? I have completed the application process with the adoption agency. Yay! That includes the actual application, ordering birth certificates for family members, wrangling everyone for FBI fingerprinting, gentle (and not so gentle) reminders for recommendations, copies of financial-related documents, school transcript, a picture of my car registration sticker (on the car; really!), … More Now.